As you know I’m a DJ/producer. With Soundtrek, my aim to shed light on the plight of the some people of Nepal in the only way I know best through playing music.
I’ve never hiked before in my life, to now take on my biggest challenge to hike to Mt Everest BC and attempt to play an event is a personal challenge.
We will be stopping along the way in the remote villages meet the people and hopefully play some music with us comes a local DJ from Kathmandu to help with our support and encourage their own Electronic dance scene.
The team and I have also organized donations to 2 local charities:
The Kathmandu Children’s Foundation
Nepal’s Children
Also 2 charities other in the UK:
Himalayan Trust
The Mayor of London New Music Fund.
If you would like to join in helping these please contact the charities

Thursday March 30th: Kathmandu, The Start

I landed at Kathmandu to a bustling state of chaos, I was feeling tired excited and nervous at the same time but ready for this journey of a lifetime. Sitting in chaotic traffic en route to the hotel, once there our bags down, we take in the sites with just a 7 minute walk from my hotel through smallest streets having to mind on coming bikes and cars their horns blowing being pointed to one direction i suddenly find myself in front of the biggest ‘Stupor’ (Temple) in Kathmandu the site is incredible white building and an Enesco heritage site.
Their sense of religion and devotion of the many worshipers all walking in the one direction around the Temple gave me a sense of ease the people were friendly the feeling was comfortable
With the good karma also came the drama once back at the hotel I find one of my two DJ consoles has gone missing on route from LA to Kathmandu, however there was nothing that could be done being advised it will appear at some point, to be sorted in what is the ‘Nepalese’ way, its how works here in Nepal?
In the evening I met with Kathmandu local DJ Ranzen and the promoters of our forthcoming party after our hike to Base Camp, Mt. Everest. I’m looking forward to playing this show!
That night after a meeting with the team and group on the next days events it was early night having a call time of the beginning of our Soundtrek journey to Mt Everest.

Friday 31 March Lukla – Day 01

The weather controls everything here, and after long hours of anticipation we finally take off on a lack of sleep but fueled with adrenaline.
In the helicopter our flight to Lukla was in the silence, it dawned on me that after 2 years of work 4 months of hard training my time had come In touching down at Lukla the first thing to notice was the difference in the air, clean fresh but thinner the difference in altitude was apparent
Once all of us arrived we grabbed the local food at one their Tea Rooms then after set out on what was to be a 5-hour unexpected grueling hike, it was the hardest exercise of any kind I had done and the reality set in on just how difficult this challenge of a lifetime would actually be. It was a shock to the system
We made it to the guest house by nightfall, tired and exhausted, but happy at what we had achieved.
The guest house was traditional, the rooms had the bare minimum, beds and a toilet and shower. The place was still in a state of re-building it seemed, but it didn’t matter. Everyone was naturally exhausted with only the energy to eat, sleep, and go to bed.

Saturday 01 April Namche – Day 02.

I awoke feeling rested and to beautiful sunny skies, what an all around change!
After a bowl of local porridge, we set out on our next 3- hour hike. The views along the way were outstanding and the trek itself is more demanding in the hot sun than yesterday
We crossed over the Shote Koshi Nadi River on the Namche Bridge, which was so very special. We then faced the highest and toughest incline that would take us up another 1,000 feet, it was very hard.
We checked into another guest house, got into our rooms, dumped the bags, and set out to explore the largest village before Everest BC. It was a Saturday night and we set out to find the highlight of the town and we did, a little bar with a selection of 3 local beers. And then, unbelievably, we watched a live premiership game between Chelsea and Crystal Palace… a totally surreal Saturday night with a totally surreal score line

Sunday 02 April Khumjung – Day 03

I awoke to another beautiful morning blue skies and mist clouds roll over ice cap mountains. I feel acclimatised and in overall good health. My daily routine of breathing exercises /stretching and taking all my med has helped to get me this far. Our goal again to hike to the peak where we would first get our first glimpse at Mt Everest
Once there, the view is breathtaking in its beauty spectacular in its breadth. It’s a vision I had always wanted to see but never thought I would have experienced. After taking it all in, we set off to hike another 1,000 feet as we do at a moderate slow pace to avoid altitude sickness.
Criss-crossing the mountain range, we come across hundreds of bright Buddhist flags and engraved Buddhist prayer stones some as large as cars. As we move up higher we come down into a valley stretching out and there was Khunjung another village where we would stay at.
That afternoon we ate a lunch of Fried rice and chips (Carbs and more Carbs)
We take a walk around the local school then play football with the local kids, then carry on walking until we come across a friendly local man who showed us a 300 year old house with cracks from the 2012 Earthquake. He then invites us into his house with 500 year old foundations that survived the earthquake. Upstairs he has his own monastery as well. As we talk, he discloses he was a Sherpa for famous British Mountaineer Chris Bonnington. We arrange to visit again tomorrow
After I return for interviews and dinner? … Another meal of our regular staple diet of Rice chips but this time were treated to Sherpa’s stew, and an early night

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